September 27, 2010

"In Bloom"

It's finished! I guess it's not too different from the last update. I touched up on the ants and their tunnels and fixed the pink flowers. It came out better than expected :


September 16, 2010

Jackalope in Bloom

 This is for the Jackalope Show at Stage 84. It's coming along pretty good I think. The thing I'm painting on is weird. It's plastic but looks like tree bark. It was an awesome thrift store find. :)

September 13, 2010

Mr. Bubbles

This is for the "Monsters Under My Bed" show at Bear and Bird gallery in Lauderhill, FL. which opens October 2nd.  As an exercise for this project I made a list of my own childhood fears...The result was a rather lengthy list. Mostly they were completely improbable or nonsensical ideas. I wonder how many children think/thought the way I did when I was a wee one. This painting is an accumulation of fears. I couldn't pick just one. That just wouldn't have been weird enough. :-p

September 2, 2010

More pinups!

I've become slightly pinup crazed. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I've never done fan art really until recently...and it's all still new for me? I don't know. But there will be more. I think next I might do a Buffy and Faith one. :)