October 13, 2010

Colabo Fingers

Here's a small sample of my collaboration "The Larval Ascension" with Jon Hunt for the Colabo Fingers Show. Things got crazy as we sent the file back and forth in a caffeinated frenzy. I became obsessed with checking my inbox, waiting for my turn to contribute....That and bubbles. I kept wanting to paint so many bubbles.
This is a small bit of the one I did with Elizabeth Kapatos for the same show. Instead of bubbles I found an obsession painting little cloud creatures. We're calling it "The Strange Shepard spawns Volatile Vapors verily as Gluttonous Goaticorns gorge on green grass."

Both of these works will be display in the Miami Wynwood Art District at GAB Studio. Colabo Fingers Exquisite Corpse exhibit opens November 6th.

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